Neighborhood Design Fellowship: Gowanus


    Gowanus residents work toward the future they imagine for their community.

    2021 Fellows

    Who We’re Working With


    Project Timeline

    May – Jun 2021


    • Learn about local inclusion and equity challenges by talking to neighbors, business owners, community groups, and public officials, among others
    • Learn from DMU faculty about ways to support social justice through design
    • Study design projects that advance equity and inclusion in NYC and the US

    Jul – Aug 2021

    Make a Plan

    • Using prototypes and community feedback sessions, create a list of design ideas and recommendations to support social justice in Gowanus

    Sep – Oct 2021

    Put Ideas into Practice

    • Collaboratively bring design ideas to life with Van Alen and DMU faculty
    • Working with Van Alen and DMU, apply design recommendations toward the redesign of Van Alen’s office into public space that serves the community

    Oct 2021

    Share Work

    • Share work with the wider neighborhood for more feedback, and engage community members in ways that can advance fellows’ efforts forward

    Hear from Dark Matter University

    Q&A with A.L. Hu of Dark Matter University

    “We’re building something new, something way more inclusive and way more radical.” As a Dark Matter University faculty member interested in the intersection of design and organizing, A.L. Hu is working with our Gowanus fellowship program.

    Q&A with Nupur Chaudhury of Dark Matter University

    “I come from a family of agitators, investigators, and protesters.” As a Dark Matter University faculty member, public health urbanist Nupur Chaudhury is working with our Gowanus fellowship program.

    Project Contact

    Andrew Brown

    Director of Programs