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Annie Ferreira

Development Associate

Annie Ferreira is the Development Coordinator at Van Alen Institute. Previously, she worked at CitySquash, a youth development program in the Bronx, where she ran the boarding school and...

Stacey Anderson

Associate Director, Business Development and Special Initiatives

Stacey Anderson has built her career around her passion for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, unlocking capacity, and effecting meaningful change in cities. Prior to joining Van Alen, Stacey served as...

Deborah Marton

Executive Director

Deborah Marton believes democracy demands shared spaces that communicate respect, dignity, and beauty. Since joining Van Alen Institute in 2019, Deborah has led major initiatives that put community interests...

Alisha Kim Levin

Director of Communications

Alisha Kim Levin is the Director of Communications at Van Alen Institute.

Kate Overbeck

Director of Development

Kate Overbeck is the Director of Development at Van Alen Institute.

Scott Kelly

Communications and Graphic Design Associate

Scott Kelly is the Communications and Graphic Design Coordinator at Van Alen Institute.

Diana Araujo

Project Manager, Programs

Diana is an architect and preservationist with experience in design, urban planning, and heritage management. She earned her B. Arch in Quito, Ecuador in 2010 and received her Master’s...

Fareen Islam

Project Manager, Programs

Fareen Islam is Project Manager, Programs at Van Alen Institute.

Andrew Brown

Director of Programs

Andrew Brown is a researcher trained in empirical analysis of programs and public policy. At Van Alen, Andrew oversees projects that explore the relationship between mental well-being and cities, and...

Manon Vergerio

Project Manager, Programs

Manon is an urbanist with a background in participatory design, research, and community organizing. In her work, she draws on interdisciplinary and collaborative practices to co-create new strategies, tools,...

Ren Reese

Managing Director

Ren Reese is the Managing Director of Van Alen Institute. Ren oversees the administrative and financial systems that support Van Alen’s work and is responsible for designing and overseeing...