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Neighborhoods Now

Launching Neighborhoods Now: Forward, a transition to long-term, community-led pandemic recovery on a wider scale.

Gowanus CSO Installation

A light installation to inform Gowanus residents about water quality in the neighborhood.

Lucid Project: Albany

A community-led redesign of a public alley in Albany, NY.

Public Realm R&D

Surfacing the work of emerging designers and tests new strategies to bring people together in public space.

Neighborhood Design Fellowship: Gowanus

Gowanus residents work toward the future they imagine for their community.

Van Alen Council Trips

The Van Alen Council is a invitation-only community of leading systems-thinkers spanning the design professions.

Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge

Van Alen Institute launched Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge, an international design competition that aims to spark a new public conversation about New York City’s infrastructure.

BetterBin Litter Basket Design Competition

Together with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), the Industrial Designers Society of America (ISDA), and the American Institute of Architects New York (AIANY), we invited interdisciplinary industrial design teams to reimagine the iconic New York City litter basket.

Keeping Current

Designing ways to adapt to sea level rise in Greater Miami.