1. Bridge Tha Gap Community Resource & Outreach

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    Bridge Tha Gap is a community outreach program with the mission to fill the gaps in our community. We aim to supply support to families and individuals that have a need. We at Bridge Tha Gap believe that the unity within the community is the key to reviving our community as a whole. Please come together with me to lift those up who have falling into the gaps of life. Lets do this together so that we can thrive as a strong united community.  


  2. Albany and Troy Lions Club

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    The Albany Host Lions Club and the Troy Lions Club were both founded in 1925. The two clubs joined forces in July, 2006 to become the Albany & Troy Lions Club, which currently has 46 members – men and women who volunteer their time to perform a variety of community service activities. The group is one of approximately 45,000 clubs in Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service club organization.

    Albany and Troy Lions Club

  3. Grateful Villages

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    Grateful Villages is a non-profit charitable organization focused on the design and implementation of community programs to help spur development, sustainability and empowerment at the local level, with lasting global effects.

    We believe the answers we seek for our community cannot be found in the focus of any one institution but in the very tenets of community itself. Families don’t need houses, they need homes. We live in an environment of shared effect and our equity is woven in the fabric of our community.

    Every garden, every home, every student and teacher, every parent and child. Every hope and opportunity. With every movement we make we write a line in the store that will define a new narrative… one we write together, one we write for our selves.

    Grateful Villages Facebook

  4. Cooper Square Committee

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    The Cooper Square Committee works with Lower East Side residents to contribute to the preservation and development of affordable, environmentally healthy housing and cultural/community spaces so that the community remains economically, racially and culturally diverse. Our staff provides one-on-one tenant counseling and eviction prevention services. Based on a client’s income eligibility, our staff provides entitlement assistance (help with applying for Food Stamps, Medicaid, SCRIE, etc…), and assistance with applying for affordable housing opportunities. We also pursue opportunities to develop and preserve affordable housing. We only provide services to Lower East Side residents. Non-residents will be referred to the appropriate organization in their community.

  5. Albany 518 SNUG

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    Albany 518 SNUG (‘guns’ spelled backwards) is an anti-violence program aimed at reducing gun violence by providing proactive intervention for gang activity or at-risk youth. SNUG mentors and directs youth from under-resourced communities to new healthy and formative experiences that allow them to envision a different life and future.

  6. Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association

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    Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, Inc. is a 40 year old community development organization and mutual housing association based in the Longwood, Hunts Point, Morrisania and Mott Haven neighborhoods of the Bronx. Our mission is to contribute to a revitalized, safe and economically vibrant South Bronx through the development and management of affordable housing and provision of targeted human services. We organize our building and community residents around issues of housing, health, land-use and community reinvestment.

  7. University Neighborhood Housing Program (UNHP)

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    The mission of University Neighborhood Housing Program (UNHP) is to create, preserve, and improve affordable housing and bring needed resources to the Northwest Bronx. UNHP achieves its mission in three primary ways; as a community-based affordable housing developer, a Bronx-focused researcher, and through the Northwest Bronx Resource Center as a direct-service provider. The majority of our work benefits the Bronx and the northwest Bronx, a series of neighborhoods that are home to primarily Black, Hispanic, and immigrant low-income families and individuals. Our research work and the NYC multifamily building database we created, known as the Building Indicator Project (BIP) has a citywide impact. UNHP is unique in its approach to its mission as each component of our work influences the other. Our work to build financial stability and housing security with Bronx residents informs our research as does our role as an affordable housing developer. Our involvement with Bronx tenants and residents as well as our research efforts guide our work to bring resources to our community.

  8. Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC)

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    Founded in 1974, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC) unites diverse peoples and institutions to fight for racial and economic justice through community organizing to transform the Bronx and beyond.

  9. Asian Americans for Equality

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    Asian Americans for Equality is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in New York City. Founded in 1974 in Manhattan’s Chinatown to advocate for equal rights, AAFE has transformed in the past four decades to become one of the city’s leading housing, social service and community development organizations. 

  10. Think!Chinatown

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    Think!Chinatown was started by Chinatown neighbors that got to know each other through community events. Now, we’ve grown to a network of dedicated volunteers from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds: urbanists, artists, journalists, lawyers, architects, designers, tech specialists, photographers, poets… The one thing we all have in common is that we love Chinatown!