Downtown Brooklyn Partnership Design Installation


    An annual series of bold and iconic urban installations at The Plaza at 300 Ashland.

    About the Competiton

    Our parks, plazas and streets provide essential infrastructure that connects communities, supports public health, and affirms our democratic values and ideals. Going forward we must continue to develop public spaces that meet our current challenges and inspire hope for the future. Each year, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and Van Alen Institute collaborate annually with architects, designers, and artists to bring bold and iconic urban installations to The Plaza at 300 Ashland.


    Ugly Beauties

    On view March 8–May 2, 2024, Curry J. Hackett’s Ugly Beauties envisioned abundant urban futures that center Black communities.


    March 1–May 1, 2023
    An interactive public pavilion by artist Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, with lighting design by Arup.


    February 17–April 14, 2022
    A reconfigurable outdoor theater, Drive-Thru by Soft-Firm features videos and performances by Brooklyn artists, filmmakers, and cultural organizations.

    Breathing Pavilion

    March 16–May 11, 2021
    Breathing Pavilion by Ekene Ijeoma created a public space of reprieve during this time of intense hardship and loss.

    Past Winners