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27 September 2019

North Miami bought her flooded home. Now it’s going to become a park to fight sea rise

Excerpted from the story in Miami Herald

The winning idea came in a design competition hosted by New York-based Van Alen Institute. It reimagined the grassy lot as half retention pond, half community education project, complete with lush landscaping to soak up water.

The retention pond alone will increase the water capacity of the lot by twenty-fold, said Stein, co-founder of one of the firms on the winning team, Department Design Office. The team also includes Miami artist Adler Guerrier, Miami architect Andrew Aquart and hazard mitigation start-up Forerunner.

At the community event to celebrate the project on Monday, Stein showed Mays a land survey from 1870 the team had dug up. He pointed to a small X marking where her home once stood.

“Your property was the deepest part of the creek,” he said. “It was the Everglades, basically.”