Shahin Vassigh

Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, Florida International University

Shahin Vassigh is a Professor of Architecture and the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development at Florida International University (FIU). She is also the Co-Director of Structural and Environmental Technologies Lab and the Co-Director of Visualization and Robotics Manufacturing Lab at FIU.  Vassigh’s research is focused on sustainable and resilient building design and technology education. She is the recipient of number of federal grants for improving architectural and engineering education using technology mediated environments. She is the author and the lead author of several books including: Interactive Structures: Visualizing Structural Behavior, Best Practices in Sustainable Building Design, and Building Systems Integration for Enhanced Environmental Performance. Vassigh has considerable professional experience working at various consulting engineering firms on projects that range from bridge design and analysis, to large-scale building design and construction. She has a Master’s of Architecture, a Master’s of Urban Planning, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.