Jessica Bolson

Postdoctoral Associate, Florida International University

Jessica Bolson is a postdoctoral fellow at the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University. She conducts research on water-resource management and the transition to sustainability through the National Science Foundation Urban Water Innovation Network. Bolson worked at the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the Wharton School, where she coordinated the National Science Foundation South Florida Water Sustainability and Climate project and led the project’s behavioral research team. In addition to her research, she has taught courses in climate and society, and environmental policy at the University of Miami and FIU. Jessica received a Ph.D. in environmental science and policy from the University of Miami, focusing on the effects of climate change on freshwater resources and management in South Florida. She also worked as a gubernatorial fellow in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Water Policy, where she crafted a state policy for climate change and water management.