Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti LLP

We opened our doors in 1989 with the goal of developing a client-driven practice offering superb legal counsel without big firm attitude (or rates). Email was just starting to catch on, the Internet was still a novelty, Google was not yet a verb and the way in which lawyers practiced law and delivered services to their clients was drastically different.

Nearly three decades later, while we are keenly aware that the world has changed in ways we could not have imagined, our core values and goals have not. We still take nothing for granted, understand the paramount importance of our clients to our business and success, and do everything reasonably possible to exceed their expectations. We are going stronger than ever, continually learning, improving, staying current and adapting. We don’t do it all, but are uncommonly good at the practice areas we focus on. Technical skills can be taught; experience and sound judgment cannot. Getting the tough calls right only comes with hard work and success on complex and challenging matters over many years of practice. We’ve put in our time, giving our clients access to a wide-ranging collective breadth and depth of experience. Every case, every transaction and every matter is different, but there isn’t much we haven’t seen. Taking the long view, we have been diligent about our professional responsibility to train our younger lawyers and hold them to the same exacting standards to which we hold ourselves, ensuring the firm’s long-term health and institutional continuity and strength.

And we still return phone calls and emails.