Ashley Mendelsohn

Architecture Curator and Educator

Ashley Mendelsohn is a multidisciplinary designer, writer, curator, strategist, and educator with a background in architecture. Through her previous work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Curatorial, Exhibition Design, and Visitor Experience, and as the Founding Director of the Harvard Graduate School of Design Kirkland Gallery, she sought to disrupt the status quo by creating platforms for voices and experiences not often recognized by those institutions. During her tenure at the museum, Mendelsohn worked with education colleagues to develop a sensory building audio guide designed for blind and low-sight listeners, and organized and directed conversations about the social impacts of housing design and activating overlooked urban spaces. These initiatives convened people across silos, bringing together architects and community organizers to tease out how their goals overlap. Continuing to work in audio, visual, and written mediums, Mendelsohn is focused on engaging and strengthening communities through design by demystifying the barriers to access and understanding.