Antonio Nogueira

Senior Designer, Pentagram

Antonio Nogueira, is a New York-based designer born in Brazil. He completed his BA at the University of Espírito Santo in 2015, before pursuing a first Master’s degree in brand & packaging, and a second one focusing on strategic thinking and creative business, both in Barcelona, Spain. During his five years of living in Spain, Antonio collaborated with a wide range of clients from multiples sectors, such as: Museum Picasso Barcelona, Fondación Joan Miró, Macba, and more. In 2021, Antonio joined Pentagram. Since then, he has contributed to notable projects, such as Renaissance, Case Western Reserve, ILG group, Galaxy Digital, Pandemic Response Lab and others. His plasticity of thinking and design refinement, allows him jump from project to project without difficulty, besides his main focus being cultural and educational sectors. His flexibility in thinking and skill in design helps to transit from one project to another, with his primary focus centered on the cultural and education sectors.