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Neighborhoods Now:
Community League
of the Heights

Outdoor dining adapted for winter conditions. Courtesy: Woods Bagot
Proposed pop-up for Word Up Community Bookshop displays and programming. Courtesy: Gensler
Designed to be inexpensive and accessible, this kit of parts can be set up to facilitate outdoor programming and learning. Courtesy: Arup
Designs for safely extending restaurant seating areas into the street. Courtesy: Arup
Playful and mobile designs for plywood barriers for street closure. Courtesy: Arup
Playful and mobile designs for plywood barriers for street closure. Courtesy: Arup

In collaboration with the Urban Design Forum, Neighborhoods Now connects neighborhoods hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with leading design firms. In Bed-Stuy, Jackson Heights, Kingsbridge, and Washington Heights, these working groups are collaborating to develop safe and effective reopening strategies.

The outcomes are a set of design recommendations, prototypes, and installations empowering communities to respond to their immediate needs, while contributing to the city-wide strategy on pandemic response. In some neighborhoods, prototypes have already been implemented, and Van Alen and Urban Design Forum are actively fundraising to support additional implementation.

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Working Group

CLOTH identified the following priorities:

  • Safe extension of restaurants into the street with protection from traffic
  • Configuration of public spaces to allow for socially-distanced activities
  • Creative communication of COVID-19 safety guidelines in public spaces
  • Use of available interior and outdoor spaces for educational programs
  • Improved coordination with owners of vacant storefronts to facilitate temporary uses and activities

Considering the many needs of outdoor dining through the city’s Open Restaurants program, the working group proposed low-cost, easily movable barricades with built-in waste management, signage, and ventilated canopy designs to retain much-needed table space in the colder months. The working group is in the process of installing one of these outdoor dining prototypes, and connecting with additional businesses in the neighborhood who could use pop-up spaces through flyering.

Their proposal also includes flexible retail display systems using off-the-shelf materials and an educational “kits of parts” for safe outdoor education at significantly lower cost than existing public space kits. They are now sourcing materials for this kit that can be used for programming by Word Up Community Bookshop, an important neighborhood civic space.

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