Transportation Infrastructure as Public Space

Thursday, May 28, 2020



On a typical day, over 10,000 pedestrians and 2,600 bicyclists traverse the Brooklyn Bridge using a pathway as narrow as 10 feet in some places. In normal times, these conditions could be described as uncomfortable. In the context of a pandemic, they are dangerous.

As sheltering orders ease, we know the Brooklyn Bridge and the City at large cannot return to business as usual. How can we welcome people back to our streets and public spaces, while observing immediate needs for social distancing? How can we make people comfortable and safe, ensuring our infrastructure serves pedestrians and cyclists now and for the long term? We’ve invited leaders in urban design, transportation, and public policy to share their ideas, and offer insight into how cities can redesign existing bridges, parks, plazas, and streets to be better well into the future.

This event is part of Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge, a design competition presented in collaboration with the New York City Council.


Allison Arieff
Editorial Director, SPUR

Laura Bliss (moderator)
West Coast Bureau Chief, CityLab

Jennifer Bradley
Director, Center for Urban Innovation, Aspen Institute

Tamika Butler
Director of Planning, California and Director of Equity and Inclusion, Toole Design

Shin-Pei Tsay
Director, Policy, Cities and Transportation, Uber