Photos: Bond Street Bash 2024

June 14, 2024

At the fourth annual Bond Street Bash, we officially launched the Urban Room at Van Alen Institute, made possible by former Board Chair Jared Della Valle.

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Urban Room

Launching the Urban Room with Van Alen’s community

Bond Street Bash, 2024. Photo: Cameron Blaylock

On June 13, 2024, Van Alen Institute held the fourth annual Bond Street Bash, our annual celebration of our partners and community. We were thrilled to officially launch the Urban Room at Van Alen Institute, made possible by former Board Chair Jared Della Valle. The hub of our inclusive design network, within the last year the Urban Room hosted 30+ community meetings, and countless co-design sessions, exhibitions, and celebrations, serving 2000+ attendees with dignity and for no cost.

During his tenure as Board Chair, Jared Della Valle challenged Van Alen to think bigger and drive our own destiny, resulting in the purchase and design of our home at 303 Bond Street. Thanks to him — and to our powerful network of community leaders, designers, and allied professionals — our doors are open to the curiosity, creativity, and conversations necessary to create a more optimistic future.

Bond Street Bash event committee
Hana Kassem, Principal, KPF (chair)
Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, Founder, One Love Community Fridge
Alex Hammerschlag, Co-Founder & Principal, Effectus Group
Carla Swickerath, Partner, Studio Libeskind

Thank you to Stacy Seebode, Free Range Wine and Spirits, and FDK Florals for your support at this year’s Bash.

About the Urban Room

The Urban Room at Van Alen Institute is a flexible, accessible, street-level space located at 303 Bond Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It’s a place for civic-minded organizations to meet and diverse groups to come together in dialogue, and serves as an information hub for the Gowanus community. For values-aligned nonprofits and community groups, Van Alen offers this space and meeting tech on a sliding scale, while private and corporate space rentals support our mission to create more equitable cities through inclusive design.