1. Immanuel Oni

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    Immanuel Oni is a first-generation Nigerian-American artist and space doula living between New York City and hometown Houston, TX. He believes design is not about what he is making, but who he is making it for. As for art, it is religion. His work explores loss, memory, and its deep connection with space. He utilizes spatial justice design and visual storytelling to unearth narratives related to trauma, healing, and ritual. His canvas consists of repurposing existing public space infrastructure such as light posts, fencing, underutilized green areas or mobile spaces to prompt community dialogue and connection. His aim is to fuse the physical with the spiritual. He has led and participated in international art and urbanism workshops in Venice, Hong Kong, and Lagos. He has been a Fellow for the Design Trust for Public Space, Culture Push, New York for Culture and Arts, More Art Engaging Artist Commission NY, and received awards from Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts NY, Office of Neighborhood Safety, Architectural League of New York, the New York State Council of the Arts, and commissioned by Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) as the artist for the Chrystie Street African Burial Ground Memorial Installation in the Lower East Side. He is a former Director of Community Design at the New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and Adjunct Professor at Parsons the New School for Design. He is the co-founder and Creative Director of Liminal, a non-profit that works at the intersection of art, unity, and space.

  2. Lynn Neuman

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    Lynn Neuman is a national leading eco-artist known for programs and performances layered with involvement and action. She has created 45 works for Artichoke Dance, been commissioned to create 22 works for other groups and directed nine operas. Her site specific work has been commissioned by The Soraya, connecting California State University with Los Angeles River restoration, Waterfront Alliance, reflecting on the effects of sea level rise, Texas A&M, engaging with water use and rights in the desert southwest, and National Gallery of Art, for Voices of the Ocean.


  3. With Your Voice Reception and Tour

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    With Your Voice Reception and Tour
    Thursday, May 16, 5:30–8 pm
    Van Alen Institute
    303 Bond Street, Brooklyn

    Created by Juanli Carrión and Rodolfo Kusulas, With Your Voice is a site-specific, participatory public artwork and community engagement tool that envisions change resulting from the 56 Points of Agreement — commitments made by NYC to support housing, infrastructure, public space, community amenities, and business programs in Gowanus as part of the neighborhood’s redevelopment. With Your Voice comprises multiple megaphoned-shaped sculptures located across Gowanus, each showing images of how that location will be impacted. On May 16, meet the artists and join them for a special tour to see how Gowanus residents are impacted by these changes.

    Event schedule
    5:30-6:15 pm: Refreshments & welcome remarks
    6:15-8 pm: Walking tour, ending back at Van Alen Institute

    With Your Voice is part of Van Alen’s Common Build initiative, surfacing the work of emerging artists and testing strategies to bring people together in public space.

  4. Nilda Lino

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    Nilda Lino is a resident in Gowanus and a part of the Gowanus Task Force.

  5. Rodolfo Kusulas

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    Rodolfo Kusulas is a transdisciplinary creator with a deep passion for social innovation and sustainability who uses his work as a tool to help communities thrive. With experience working internationally, he has a background in industrial design, extensive experience in branding, product and retail. After winning a global competition for the 140th anniversary of Heineken, Kusulas joined VBAT as a creative in the Latin American office. Since 2018, he’s developed programmatic design and creative community development work with KOUS studio, which he co-founded in 2016, and in collaboration with artists and nonprofit organizations.

  6. Juanli Carrión

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    Juanli Carrión’s work has unfolded over the past decade in the research, development, and education of community-engaged design and artistic practices addressing social and environmental justice. He is the co-founder of OSS Project Inc. and his work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, BRIC, ARTIUM, MUSAC, CentroCentro, MAC Lima, India’s National Gallery of Modern Art, and Serbia’s MOCA. Carrión is an Assistant Professor of Creative Community Development at Parsons, and his research has been presented at Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, AIA New York, National Academy of Sciences, and Getty Institute, among others.

  7. Candelaria Mas Pohmajevic

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    Candelaria is an architect and urban designer at Gehl. She is committed to creating urban responses that address the climate crisis through an inclusive, people-centered approach. To achieve long-term resilience, she believes that it is crucial to integrate people’s perspectives, ecosystems and climate-sensitive infrastructures in the design process. Her experience across cities in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and the US has shaped her passion for understanding diverse cultural-ecological characteristics and celebrating them through design. She holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University, where she received the Prize for Excellence in Urban Design and serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Urban Design.

  8. Tony Ruiz

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    Tony is an active volunteer for the Gowanus Oversight Task Force and serves as co-chair of its Communications Committee and a member of its Public Infrastructure Committee. He has worked in advertising for 15 years and is entering his final year of graduate school at NYU to become a psychotherapist.

  9. Elisa Smilovitz

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    Elisa Smilovitz is a Gowanus resident and a member of Gowanus Mutual Aid. She was a 2021 Van Alen Institute Neighborhood Design Fellow. Elisa holds a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in Media Arts with a concentration in film. She is currently an independent publicist and consultant focusing on the arts and design.

  10. Bahij Chancey

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    Bahij Chancey AICP is an urban planner and Associate at WXY Studio. He facilitates public decision-making processes at multiple scales through community engagement and thoughtful materials that clarify complex topics. His work with public agencies and nonprofits includes community and environmental planning, street and public realm improvements, and policy in waste management and workforce development. Bahij previously worked at Green City Force, NYC Parks, and as an architectural draftsman. He is Board Secretary at both Transportation Alternatives and Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op, and is an AmeriCorps, Yale, and MIT alum. Bahij lives in Gowanus.