1. Tiffany Baker

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    Tiffany Baker, is a Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based visual artist, working in oil, acrylic, pencil, digital media, and glass. Tiffany has developed a unique style of realist portraiture. Marked by vibrant palettes and considered attention to her subject’s grooming, she merges the somber, the regal, and mundane, bringing forth her subject’s intensity. In her portraiture, Tiffany turns life experiences into emotive visual expressions that re-imagine trauma, embed messages of connection, and celebrate her identity as a black woman.

  2. Leah Harper

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    Leah is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in art, architecture, and graphic design. She’s interested in the delicate balance between nature and the built environment, with an emphasis on the implications of climate change and rising seas. Her work explores the balance between nature and the built environment, with an emphasis on marine ecosystems and rising seas.

  3. Ali Rufrano-Ruffner

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    ALI RUFRANO-RUFFNER, currently based in Brooklyn, creates sculptures, installations, and public art. Their practice is dedicated to a culture of revolution, focused on creating art and sculpture that helps us radically imagine worlds where we can really, really care about each other. This year, RUFRANO-RUFFNER is collaborating with the Metro Transit Authority to build Concrete Jungle (NY,NY), an installation that will creatively reimagine a dilapidated retail site at The 81st Street–Museum of Natural History station.