Seam Social Labs

“Seam Social Labs was founded in 2018 after founder Tiasia O’Brien spent a decade working in the public sector, with the goal of empowering communities. Growing up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and watching her community get displaced, Tiasia realized that there were no mechanisms for her community to give feedback or share their story.

Seam Social Labs’ core Enterprise solution, co:census, provides one tool to solve all of the problems above, equipping today’s urban designers and researchers with workflows and features designed specifically for their needs.
co:census provides a dashboard for question design, accessible survey tools, and insights from natural language processing for users. Average data collection and analysis for community feedback is six months and co:census has cut this time to 3 months.
In addition, with a recently launched patent-pending text classifier, titled The Dubois ™, co:census now provides a unique analysis of community feedback based on urban sociological research methods.”