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The Politics of Mobility

Photo by Billie Ward
As part of Van Alen Institute’s Shore to Core competition, the winning team, Happier by Design integrated research on restoration theory, installing frames which encourage passersby to shift attention to the surrounding natural elements. Decreased activity in the hippocampus—specifically, low dopamine levels—appears to be why individuals with ADHD exhibit impulsive behavior. Providing engaging sensory environments that promote dopamine production in the brain may be a helpful support in stimulating prefrontal brain activity.

Focused on increased competition for street space, the inclusive or exclusive nature of ride-sharing, and the many opportunities and threats posed by autonomous transport, this lively debate will illuminate the present and future of mobility. With voices from urban design, city planning, architecture, community activism, and academia, the talk will engage the following issues: who’s allowed to move and where? What forms of movement and modes of mobility are prioritized (or not)? What are the consequences of restricted mobility for different communities, and what can be done to achieve better outcomes for society?


Ben Rosen-Filardo
S.B. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

Emily Weidenhof
Director of Public Space at NYC DOT

Skylar Bisom-Rapp –  Senior Strategist, Practice for Architecture & Urbanism

Stephanie Burgos-Veras, The  Riders Alliance

Moderated by Alex Marshall

$7 admission