Program & Criteria

Program ??|?? Site?? ??|?? Criteria

Program Description

Philadelphia needs a compelling long-term vision for developing its vacant lots, a strategy that envisions how vacancy in Philadelphia can be changed from an obstacle (vacancy as absence) to an asset (vacancy as possibility).

The jury will seek out powerful, transforming ideas with the potential for further development and realization, ideas that are specific enough to take advantage of Philadelphia's unique attributes yet broad enough to be applied to neighborhoods throughout the city.

The Urban Voids competition, an idea generating process,?is the second phase of Philadelphia LANDvisions. For this phase of the competition, entrants are free to?suggest program elements that best express their idea and are in keeping with the competition aim (specific program elements will be developed in the next phase). Community-generated ideas can be found in the results of Phase I:? Our Voices, Our Future: A Community Visioning Process.

Site Description

The site comprises the city of Philadelphia. Design proposals should address the issue of vacancy at a citywide scale, referencing Philadelphia's waterways, soils, and geology, as well as the city's physical adjacencies. Lots could include former industrial ("brownfield") sites?so entries should acknowledge issues of toxicity and urban waste?as well as sites that have been treated transitionally through cleaning and greening.

Finalists working in the next phase of the competition will focus on locations in specific neighborhoods to further develop their proposals.

Evaluation Criteria

The jury will look for: