The Public School (for Architecture) New York: Final Class
by New York Prize Fellows common room and Telic Arts Exchange

The Public School (for Architecture) New York [PS(fA)NY] will hold its last class under the auspices of the New York Prize on December 16, 2009. Tellingly named, The Future of the Public School (for Architecture) New York invites reflection on the project beyond the scope of its affiliation with Van Alen Institute, and encourages students to learn how to get involved in actively expanding and evolving PS(fA)NY.

The project's educational model is both powerful and ambitious in its simplicity: Anyone can propose, take, or teach a class. Coordinated through its website, PS(fA)NY thus depends on the active participation of its growing user-base of over 300 contributing members to give shape to the project's ever-changing curricula, class catalogue and school structure. Over 25 classes, ranging from Finding Architecture to Stupid Rhino Tricks, from OM Ungers and the Question of Utopia to Best Square Wins!, have been offered during the project's Fall Term, and many more are in various stages of development. Staged improvisationally and opportunistically, each class represents a unique constellation of the interests and desires of the PS(fA)NY at any given moment.

This capacity for dynamism is exercized through the Public School Committee—a group of volunteers from the PS(fA)NY community empowered to steward the project through the organization of classes and broad discussion of its vision and goals. As PS(fA)NY grows, so too does the Committee's need to evolve and reflect the project's transformations while maintaining its foundational eclecticism, openness, and flexibility. We invite both newcomers and PS(fA)NY veterans alike to meet the current Committee, learn how to get involved, and discuss the future of the Public School (for Architecture) New York.

Refreshments and snacks will be served.